To temporarily accompany people who desire to progress in their personal development, to break off a feeling of failure, an existential unease or an inferiority feeling.

To train christian counsellors in counselling by means of teachings, seminars and training periods.

To offer a spiritual and psychologic support to different countries and cultures, in which the human being has no value and where suffering is part of the everyday life. To learn to deal with those feelings of injustice and of helplessness in the face of drama.

Reconcile the person with God, self and others. This applies to both spiritual, psychological and physical, for restoration of the whole person, mind, body and soul according to the original plan of God. Often through ignorance, the most important step of the human being, that is to say, the childhood, is sacked by the contempt in which the generational and cultural habits dominate.

With a little education and love, we see people grow in their relationship with each other in a spirit of reconciliation to restore individuals, families and ethnic groups.
Siloé favor of the individual within a framework of respect and confidentiality during interviews listening, advice or guidance.
Siloé is willing to make available and thus move where there are demands. In this context, seminars and teachings have taken place in Belgium, France, Italy, Reunion Island, Mauritius, Armenia, Romania and others are planned elsewhere in the world, etc …

Siloé recent years has grown in supporting various projects in Switzerland and abroad, organizing seminars, providing training, individual coaching or group. While pursuing his vocation in the accompanying aid relationship, Siloé is expanding by setting up structures and support humanitarian projects, sending teams. All this work is based on the coaching relationship. Our desire to see people encouraged, healed and dare to stand up again… to go.